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Tort law

Representation of clients in in-court or out of court redress – concerning to material or immaterial damage – is of utmost importance, as it without doubt increases both the probability of receiving damages and their amount.
Pecuniary loss comprises regular damage and loss due to a damaging event. Non-pecuniary damage, on the other hand, is related to physical pain and inconvenience during recovery, psychological pain due to lessened activity, deformity, defamation, restriction of liberty, personal rights violation, fear, and defamation of an artificial person.
An individual or his closest relatives are entitled to damages during damaging events such as traffic accidents, accidents in public and private spaces, work accidents, medical negligence, expropriation, easement, animal attack, etc.


When putting into action compensation claims, we provide our clients with the following services:

  • Documentation review and financial compensation estimates.
  • Drawing up a claim for damages.
  • Consultation and representation of those who have inflicted damage in a damaging event.
  • Enforcement of compensation claims aimed at company management and administration.
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