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Punititve law

Punitive law is a system of legal rules that defines illicit actions and prescribes penalties for perpetrators and petty offenders.
Each stage of criminal proceedings poses a great deal of pitfalls to the suspect or the accused, particularly when they are not familiar with their procedural rights and with the rules of procedure. In numerous cases the accused even renounce their right to an attorney, inadvertently giving up their rights – which they might not even realize they possess, causing irreparable damage to their interest.


In the field of criminal law and law offences we provide our clients with the following services:

  • Defence of a suspect or the accused during pre-trial investigation or criminal proceedings.
  • Putting into effect property-related legal claims on behalf of the victim in criminal proceedings.
  • Representation following private criminal action.
  • Representation of victims as prosecutors.
  • Legal consultation and expertise concerning specific commercial legal transactions from a criminal legal aspect.
  • Consultation and representation in offence-related proceedings.
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