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Commercial law

Commercial law is divided into two legal areas: status law and commercial transactions law. The former encompasses those rules and principles of law that manage legal status and internal organization of companies, while the latter focuses on managing the relations among economic operators which concern sale of goods and services.

Our firm helps and counsels clients with:

  • Pri pripravi ustanovitvenih aktov gospodarskih družb.
  • Drawing up articles of association for companies.
  • Documentation during companies’ status transformation.
  • Consultation in regard to company cessation.
  • Drawing up various commercial law contracts. /li>
  • Consultation in the field of competition law.
  • Representation and consultation in regard to company mergers and acquisitions.
  • Legal questions regarding disputes of intellectual or industrial property.
  • Pursuits of claims during bankruptcy proceedings or during compulsory composition.
  • Drawing up suggestions for debt enforcement.
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